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More than 30 years of experience

Safe Locksmiths

Gun Safes and Vaults

Strong Safes from Palmer Lock and Key

image of a small, fire-proof Gardall safe

If you want to protect your important documents, jewelry, and other valuables, we have a big selection of safes like this Gardall model that is perfect for residential use.

For storing valuables, securing firearms, and ensuring the privacy of key documents, one of the most powerful solutions is a strong security container installed and maintained by an expert safe locksmith. With over 30 years of experience in providing professional residential and commercial locksmith services, Palmer Lock and Key provides peace of mind in knowing that when you close the door on the safe at your home or business, its contents are truly secure.

Expert Knowledge in Safe and Vault Service and Installation

Safe installation requires the kind of expert knowledge that Palmer Lock and Key’s locksmiths bring to every job. A locksmith needs to determine what kind of safe is the best fit for your business or home and the most ideal fit for the items you’re planning to store. They need to plan where to install it in order that it’s most secure against the efforts of potential burglars or unforeseen hazards like fire and flooding. If it’s going to be affixed to the building’s structure, they need to determine the best point on the structure for that to happen.

Our locksmiths guarantee our safe installation. We’re licensed and certified, members of the Massachusetts Locksmith Association and the National Automotive Security Task Force (NASTF), and part of the nationwide legitimate locksmith directory, 1-800-Unlocks. This way you can reach us by calling 1-800-865-6257 or our local phone number. We use only the highest quality safes and safe parts and equipment from recognized brands like Liberty, AMSEC, Champion, SecuRam, and S&G. We put the customer’s needs first, and our expert knowledge is a guarantee that your safe locksmith services will be right the first time and live up to the highest professional standards.

Full Range of Safe Locksmith Products and Services

Our safe locksmith services are comprehensive for both residential and commercial needs. They include:

  • Installations home safes, gun safes, jewelry safes, wall safes, and floor safes.
  • Safe services such as bolt-downs, combination changes for both mechanical and digital locks, and safe opening in cases where personnel changes lead to a safe box no longer being accessible.
  • Safe lock upgrades from combination to electronic keypad locks.

We provide mobile support for these services, and our top-quality hardware is available for purchase at our convenient brick-and-mortar storefront. We have gun safes for sale in-store, and our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always happy to help you pick out the safety deposit box that’s best for your needs.

Our Other Locksmith Services and Products

image of the NRA logo

We are members of the NRA

We make sure your home or business gun safe is supported by a variety of other security solutions to ensure your peace of mind. We are a full-service locksmith, so our expertise and dedication to quality also applies to our other services such as lockout services, access control system installs, master key system design, push-button lock installation, and much more.

Whether you’re purchasing a new safe or servicing an existing one, you can count on us for quality service at affordable rates. We’re particularly proud to offer special discounts to seniors, veterans, and first responders. Visit us online or contact us to learn more about our services and pricing, and get the most out of your safe with Palmer Lock and Key.

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