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More than 30 years of experience

Residential Locksmith

Palmer Lock & Key can help with all your residential locksmith needs. We can do simple rekeys to eliminate the old keys from working in your locks and offer you a new set of keys. All without changing the lock itself, saving you money. We can upgrade your locks to something more substantial or even digital. We offer a wide range of services and urge you to call if you have any questions regarding the security of your home.

Pushbutton Keyless Locks

image of a variety of Smart Lock keypads

We can install a variety of Keypad locks like these Schlage models on your doors. We can also install matching door handles for that custom look.

As the world goes key-less, so can your home. Palmer Lock and Key can install and maintain a pushbutton key-less entry locks for you. We are able to secure your residential property with a digital lock or mechanical push-button lock.

Digital Locks

  • Great for kids because they don’t have to worry about carrying a key
  • You can change the combination on your own quickly
  • Monitor who enters and when
  • You can unlock the door remotely with your mobile device
  • They eliminate the need to give out and keep track of multiple keys
  • You can assign a unique passcode for every authorized user

Mechanical Locks

  • No batteries needed
  • No keys needed
  • Easily changeable combination
  • Great for outdoor gates because they stand up to harsh weather better than most digital ones

Lock Rekey Services

image of some locks being rekeyed to all work with a new key.

Here you can see some locks we rekeyed to work with new keys, and on the left you see a lock cylinder (with a key in it) that’s been removed from the lock. For your convenience, we can rekey multiple locks to all work with the same key.

When we rekey a lock we are eliminating the old keys so they will not work anymore in your lock. We are also setting up a new key that will work with your lock. Palmer Lock & Key can rekey your lock to work with one or even multiple keys. Allowing one person into certain doors, while allowing you into all of them. We also offer digital lock upgrades to allow you to change your code on the spot.

Lockout Services

Are you locked out of your home? Stove on? Dog Barking? Palmer Lock & Key can help. We can quickly get to your home and open the door in a professional fashion. We offer a wide range of locks and parts if you are locked out because of a malfunction. If you or your home are not in any immediate danger call us and we will rush over. Call us for an estimated wait time to get to your location anytime.

Post-Burglary Repair

We are available for all of our locksmith services including post burglary repair which includes replacing the locks and repairing damage to the lock or door jamb. We can help with changing the keys to no longer work with your old keys and upgrading security from the point of entry. Please call us if you’ve been through this awful experience and we will help restore your peace of mind.

Master Key Systems

Master Key systems aren’t just for apartment buildings and large businesses. In fact, our residential locksmiths have the ability to create a master key system for family homes and small businesses as well. Imagine a key system that allows you to open all your doors with one key, but only allows certain people into certain rooms. You can secure your bedroom and garage while allowing access to the main room for cleaners or dog walkers. This is perfect for rental properties.

Your organization will be organized! You decide exactly who has access to which rooms and doors. Your staff is safe, your documents are safe, your product and inventory are safe. This will cut down on pilferage and other inventory concerns. Palmer Lock and Key will make sure all cylinder locks and types including the main entrance, internal doors, and garage doors can be opened with one key.

High-Security Locks

image of a Medeco High Security Deadbolt and a diagram of the product features

We feature Medeco High-Security locks for home and commercial use.

High-security locks offer all different levels of security. From restricted key duplication, to pick resistance, drill resistance, and the overall construction of the lock. These locks are the ones you’ll want if you care about investing in your security. Palmer Lock and Key is here to answer all your questions, but we have provided a little more information below and in the picture to the right.

Generally, high-security locks are Grade 1 which provides the highest level of durability and strength against drilling and break-ins.

High-security deadbolts can come in either a single-sided or double-sided configuration. If you choose single-sided, you’ll have the keyway on the outside with a thumb turn on the inside. Double-sided deadbolts have a keyway on both sides of the lock.

These locks are perfect for apartment complexes, property managers want to restrict the tenant’s ability to duplicate the keys so they can control who has access to the property. Or, when a business gives a key to an employee, they want to be certain when the key is returned that no one has been able to go and make copies of the key. Do not be fooled by keys which are simply stamped “Do Not Duplicate.” Only a few brands of keys and locks can truly not be duplicated without signed, authorized, written permission. The locksmiths at Palmer Lock and Key prefer to install Medeco high-security locks for your home or business because of the durability, key control, and value. Call us to discuss your needs.

Deadbolt Installation

A one-inch steel deadbolt professionally installed with three-inch steel screws is your first line of defense against intruders. An alarm will let you know when someone has entered your property, but a steel deadbolt will keep them out in the first place!

image of a residential deadbolt we installed on a customer's front door

We can install single sided deadbolts with an optional high-security keyway.

Palmer Lock and Key’s technicians have installed thousands of deadbolts in Bristol and Plymouth County. Protect your business, home, and loved ones with the security only a professionally installed deadbolt will bring.

We can install a deadbolt on either steel, fiberglass, or wood doors.

Deadbolts come in different grades, from a grade three residential to a maximum security deadbolt.

Certified Quality and Affordable Convenience

Founded by licensed Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Bill Palmer, Palmer Lock and Key’s staff are certified and licensed. We’re members of the Massachusetts Locksmith Association, the National Automotive Security Task Force (NASTF), and the nationwide 1-800-UNLOCKS dispatch service. We use only the highest-quality parts and hardware from leading global suppliers like ASSA Abloy and Allegion.

If you need to purchase door hardware, keys, safes, or other home security equipment, our convenient brick-and-mortar storefront makes it easy. Whether you’re buying in-store or employing our mobile residential locksmith services, you can be assured of prices that won’t break the bank. We’re proud to offer special discounts to our community’s first responders, veterans, and seniors.

Visit us online or contact us today to learn more about our pricing and services and what makes us Massachusetts’ leading home locksmiths.

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